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Of course, there are many forms of Driving While License Suspended, such as the simple traffic citation mentioned above, but also a criminal misdemeanor offense of Driving While License Suspended With Knowledge, and the felony offenses of Driving While License Suspended With Two Priors or Driving While License Suspended as a Habitual Traffic.In contrast, driving while license suspended with knowledge (DWLS) is a criminal offense. If you were arrested or cited for this charge, it is important you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to have your case evaluated.I’d recommend you retain a lawyer to assist you with this matter. If you are ultimately charged, you may have the option of requesting a court-appointed attorney at the public’s expense.What is Driving While License Suspended or Driving While license invalid? criminal attorney dan Lazarine Explains – (281) 853-8537.. When an individual possesses a Texas driver’s license and financial responsibility (car insurance) for his vehicle, he is able to drive a properly registered and inspected vehicle on our roads and highways.Driving while license suspended, revoked, or denied (also called DWLS or DWLS/R/D) is a criminal offense that is treated seriously by many courts. This offense can be prosecuted under State law by a county prosecutor or under local ordinance by a city attorney.Operating While Visibly Impaired First Offense. A first time Michigan DUI offense can usually be reduced to impaired driving, also known as OWVI. An OWVI counts as a drunk driving conviction, so it is important to consider speaking to a DUI Attorney about challenging the case before accepting a plea to impaired. If you have a prior conviction for OWVI (or even a Minor BAC), a second offense.Driving While License suspended (dwls) attorney in Miami Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) Attorney in Miami. Driving while license suspended or revoked may not seem like much of a crime, but these charges can cause major problems, so they should be taken seriously.DWLS (Driving While License Suspended) in Muskegon, MI If you have been convicted of drunk driving (OWI/DUI), refusing a BAC test, failing to appear in court, driving without insurance, or another driver’s license related offense, you likely have had your license suspended, restricted, or revoked.