can i leave and come back on my eb 5 visa

This video,, can also be seen at EB-5 program was slated to expire back in April, leaving would-be. affluent locations where they can get a higher return on investment.eb-5 visa investment Options for US Citizenship.. Most Regional Center projects that an investor will come across in the market tend to be low or zero return on investment (ROI).. hence, an EB-5 visa investor should think about engaging legal, business and financial professionals to help.The EB-5 visa is an immigrant visa category, so as a successful eb-5 applicant, you can get your green card are be on the path to US citizenship. As an EB-5 investor, your spouse and your unmarried children under 21 years old can also qualify to get their green cards.Invest now before the eb-5 visa program investment goes up 170% from US$ 550,000 to US$ 1,350,000 in April 2017. Come and go in and out of the U.S. without a tourist visa. Unlike other U.S. visa programs, there are no requirements for age, education level or prior business experience.eb-5 timing Issues: Not a fast track. january 12, 2016 13 Comments.. Increase the EB-5 visa quota:. Thank you. I guess we did have a visa quota issue back for petitioners who filed in FY2014. Somehow Mr Divine said in his report that we didn’t have the issue until FY 2015.The EB-5 visa involves a complicated application process that might raise all manner of technical and/or esoteric questions: how much is the initial application fee? Why is it EB-5 instead of EB-6 or EB-7? What is the purpose of life? The answers to these particular questions are: $3,675, bureaucracy, and 42, respectively.EB-5 Visa General Questions. Also children over the age of 21 cannot be covered under your visa, and will have to obtain their own visa or leave the United States. Unlike E-1 and E-2, the L-1 alien can apply for classification as a Multinational Executive or Manager.. See if you meet the.But then six years ago this coming thanksgiving eve, Kyle collapsed on his kitchen. “You sort of get tired of being called by the wrong name all the time,” Kyle admits. “But then I can look at.